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In December 2021 Jelwana Nails & Beauty

 opened at Cape Town. 

Here is some about our latest activities

Sick of Bad Nails?

Are you sick of badly done, crooked nails?  A client came to us today having her nails done lately at one of the best know nail salons of Cape Town.  When Sandi had finished her new nails, she was very happy about her pretty hands (see photo 'after').  We will keep you updated in our "Horror Show of Nails".  If you feel beeing part of this horror show, please come to Jelwana Nails & Beauty.   We will make you happy again.  Clean and precise work is what we always aim to make our clients happy.      

Happy Clients

Lately a client came to our salon with nails just made in a well known salon at Cape Town.   She was very unhappy with the results and desired to have them done again in our salon.  At the end she left very happy with new nails! Clean and precise work is what we always aim to make our clients happy.    

Free Parking

  For our clients we are able to provide one parking bay in the garage across the road.  You may park your car there for free as long as you visit our shop for treatments.  Please ask Sandi or Zandi for availability and directions.

Load Shedding? Not a problem for us!

We have a backup power system that enables us to keep working for several hours. All devices needed to do manicures and pedicures will be operable: Low power LED lamps, UV lamps, electric nail file and even our cash register with card pay terminal and wifi. Please book your treatments no matter what the load shedding plan says.    

Who says: I don't get nails done in winter!

It is winter time in Cape Town.  When the weather is nasty at least your nails can be nice and cheer you up.    

French Marble Design

Perfect French Marble Design   We are exclusively using high quality Gel and Shellac imported from Germany.   Please try it out and make an appointment online: Book Online    

Beautiful Nails French with Color

  Precisely done nails by Sandi. French with various colors is trending lately.

Beautiful Trending Nails

Choose your colors out of more than 150 available and get your nails done in best quality and trending design! Book your appointment here  

Available now: Nail Design Tattoos and more

  Portia brought a variaty of wonderfull nail tattoos, chrome foils, cat eye design shellac and GEL and will make make perfect French nail design in all colors. See more ...

We are open and working ...

  Get inspired by some of our latest nail designs.More than 100 beautiful nail colors will arrive from Germany very soon. Click here to see wow slide show

Please be welcome to visit

A treatment at Jelwana Nails & Beauty always is a very relaxing event





Monday                       9:00 - 17:00

Tuesday to Friday   9:00 - 17:00
        (Break from 13:00 to 14:00)

Saturday                      9:00 - 15.00

Sunday closed


Please make an appointment online in advance:
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Sandiswa Jelwana

Sandiswa, called Sandi, has received her education to a cosmetics professional at International Academy of Health and Skin Care in Cap Town. She is looking forward to give your hands and feet a fantastic beauty appearance and do waxing for hair removal

Nomakhazi Portia Jelwana-Schmidt

Founder of Jelwana Nails & Beauty
Portia is the founder of Jelwana Nails & Beauty in Nuremberg Germany, where she lives with her husband Ralph Schmidt and operates her beauty saloon, which is number 1 now at Nuremberg

Ralph Schmidt

Husband of Portia Jelwana-Schmidt
Ralph,living in Germany, is the one for the jobs in the background: Advertising, website, purchasing, HR and finance.