2 Instructions how to Cancel an Appointment

In former times a cancelation link was sent with every confirmation email. How ever, since users of Microsoft Outlook were facing the problem of automatic cancelation when opening the email for reading, we do not send this link anymore.

If you must cancel an appointment, you may do this online up 24 hours before. If you face a problem coming to your appointment with shorter notice, please inform us and give us a phone call :  +27 61 216 9158 .

You may cancel online as follows:

1. Log in:

Choose in menue APPOINTMENTS "Client login" and login by entering your user name and pass word.


2. Open Booking Calendar:

Choose in menue APPOINTMENTS "My Appointment". A list of all your appointments will by shown
Click on button "My Booking Calendar" at the top right of th screen.


3. Cancel Appointment:

You will get a display of your booking calendar. Choose the appointment which you want to cancel and click on the little red symbol below it.
After answering the confirmation question your appointment will be canceled.